The main fashion for young women and teenage girls of the 1950s, most notably 1955 was the poodle skirt.  The poodle skirt was a wide swing skirt usually made of felt worn with layers of petticoats underneath and a cardigan top.  It was a circular skirt sometimes worn with a cinch belt.  The name “poodle” came from the embellishment of a poodle appliqué on the skirt.  Animals like flamingos or other objects such as ice cream were also embellished onto the skirt.  This fad only lasted a few years but is remembered today in movies such as “Grease.”

Poodle Skirt Washing Instructions
Most of our Poodle Skirts are made of 100% Fine Acrylic Felt.
Machine wash in a slow cycle.  Use a delicate cycle with low heat to dry, and iron on low heat.  Upon ironing, the skirt will discolor for a few seconds and return back to original color once ironing is completed.