50's Polka Dot Skirt

50's Polka Dot Skirt
50's Polka Dot Skirt


Made from 100% Cotton. This Polka-Dot skirt features an elastic waist with Zipper. Make your skirt really shine by wearing a Crinoline (Petticoat) underneath.
Skirt is 100% Cotton.
Waist Relaxed 26."
Stretches 36"
Plus Sizes: 36" - 46" 
27" Long.   
Available Colors: 
Black with White Dots 
Light Pink with White Dots
Black with Hot Pink Dots
Hot Pink with Black Dots 
Red with Small Black Dots
Red with Large Black Dots 
Red with White Dots (See Photo to the Left)
Purple with Large White Dots
Light Orange with Large White Dots

The polka-dot pattern is from antiquity but they first became common on clothing in the late nineteenth century in Britain. During that time, polka music was extremely popular. The name was also applied to the pattern despite no specific connection between the two. 
6/25/08 - Thank you so much!  I had an awesome time at my party and had everyone coming up to me to tell me how cute my outfit was.  I felt like I was a celebrity or something with the amount of people that wanted to take a picture with me.  I will definitely be referring my friends to you.
Kelly  =)






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